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From "J. David Beutel" <>
Subject timezone for junitreport, and antlib
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2007 02:09:49 GMT
The timestamps displayed by the 1.7.0 junitreport are in the GMT 
timezone.  It looks like that's determined by 
DateUtils.createDateFormat() via the junit task's 

I'd like to display them in my local timezone, or at least in the 
timezone in which the junit task was run.  Does anyone know how to do 
this?  It looks like I'd need to change Ant.

I could try adding an attribute to the junit formatter element for using 
the local (or an arbitrary) timezone, altho I don't know if it would 
apply to the other types of formatter.  Or I could try to convert the 
timezone in the junitreport (junit-frames.xsl and junit-noframes.xsl), 
but I'm not sure how do-able that would be in XSLT.  Which approach 
would be acceptable to a committer?

By the way, is anyone working on externalizing the junit support to an 
antlib?  JUnit 4 works well enough on Ant 1.7.0, but the report still 
doesn't support some features as well as it could, such as @Ignore.


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