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From "Peter Reilly" <>
Subject Vote: Proposed removal of the ant-type attribute
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2007 14:22:51 GMT
Hi all,
there is an undocumented feature in ant - the ant-type attribute.
It was added when the original add(Type) code was put

It allows one to replace a class (y) in addX(Class y)  with a
typedef as follows:
     <typedef  classpathref="my-class-path"
             name = "mypath"  classname="org.example.MyPath"/>
      <path ant-type="mypath" path="."/>

I do not think that it is used anywhere as:
  1) it is undocumented
  2) it is hard to understand
  3) add(Type) as been added to most tasks that need them
  4) it is not complete see:
  5) the ant 1.7 resources framework should be the way to handle
     the use-cases.

I would like to remove the feature as it complicates the
code of RuntimeConfigurable and IntrospectionHelper and
makes it more difficult to add new features (for example to handle
restricted types).

I propose the following:

  1) add a warning in ant 1.7.1 that is triggered if the feature is used -
     this should root out examples in the wild.
  2) remove the code in ant 1.8.0.

  +1: I agree with the proposal: [  ]
  -1:  I do not agree with the proposal: [  ]
  0: I do not care either way: [  ]

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