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From "Kevin Jackson" <>
Subject Props Antlib
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2007 11:00:58 GMT
Hi all,

I've just got the props antlib working within my odd usecase.

I'm using mvn + antrun plugin and I've installed the patched version
of ant and the props antlib.  Then in a parent pom, I've got the
complete <typedef> etc setup for the property helper

I munge the property with a regexp (very nice Matt, worked perfectly).
 Finally in the child pom.xml I set the property value that will be

Issues I came across.

1- Without the ant-nodeps jar, the propertyhelper task fails with a
ClassNotFoundException for ...Jdk14Regexp.Regexp

I fixed this by installing this jar in my ~/.m2/repository, and
altering the classpath for the typedef

2- Munging the property directly won't work.  I had to first copy the
child property into an intermediate property and then perform the
regexp on that - I guess this has to do with the mvn->ant mapping in
some way - and it's not much of a hassle when you know the workaround

Anyway, for my use case of removing a hardcoded svn repo URL in the
pom/profile when it's already available in the <scm><connection> in
the pom, this antlib works perfectly.

Ta Matt,

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