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From "Kevin Jackson" <>
Subject PropertyHelper thoughts
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2007 10:20:47 GMT
Hi all,

After throwing together a quick hack to support my substring
properties use case, Matt suggested instead significant changes to the
property helper class.

After looking through the code this afternoon here are my thoughts on
a possible way to implement a configurable propertyHelper

1 - Make the current PropertyHelper pluggable and allow users to
specify which one to use at cli

This would require a fair amount of change, but would easily allow us
to maintain bwc by having a DefaultPropertyHelper which implements the
current behaviour.  On the downside, it wouldn't solve my problem as
I'd want to be able to override the PropertyHelper without using a
--prophelper=org.apache... cli option

2 - Make a new task which is pluggable

This would allow users the same benefits as a pluggable
propertyhelper, but as it's a task, it can be configured entirely via

This xml based config is perfect for my needs

3 - Stick with my quick hack of a task and ignore the wider issues of
how properties are handled

This is basically throwing in the towel with respect to building a
decent solution :)

I'd love to hear feedback from anyone who has modified the
PropertyHelper (I guess via a task as there doesn't seem to be any
other way of getting custom behaviour implemented)

What do you think with respect to how much effort is involved & what
possible solutions exist? (I'm sure the 3 I listed are basically the
tip of the iceberg)


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