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From "Kevin Jackson" <>
Subject Re: Task for substringing?
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2007 01:59:31 GMT
Hi all,

> > If there currently isn't a way of achieving this,
> > then I can put
> > something together for it (and get paid for it :)

Well yesterday I was sick as a dog, but tuesday night I hacked
together a very simple substring task (with antunit tests) on the
off-chance that there wasn't a simple way of getting the result I was

>   It seems like some combination of string resources,
> tokens resource collections, and regex filters might
> give you substringing capabilities.

This was what I was thinking, but the combination seemed to be much
more complex than writing a specialized task.

>  Beyond that,
> another idea that occurs to me is that, if you're
> being paid to develop this... ;), PropertyHelpers have
> been for quite some time in need of refinement as to
> how a user can easily register a custom
> PropertyHelper.  If we could ever get this off our
> plate we could close e.g. the myriad requests for
> nested property resolution.  How does this relate?  In
> that it strikes me as a natural idea that there be a
> custom PropertyHelper that implements the
> substringing, defaulting, etc. extensions found in the
> bash shell (probably came from some other shell but I
> don't feel like researching the origin just to make my
> point).

Hmm, I personally haven't looked at the PropertyHelper code very much
(if at all).  I will have a dig around today and see what's happening
in there.  As I was sick yesterday, I'm behind on my other tasks, so I
may not be able to work on this until next week (if I get the go-ahead
from the boss to do Ant coding).

Thanks for the suggestion,

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