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From "Kevin Jackson" <>
Subject Re: [Ant Wiki] Update of "Ant1.7.1/Planning" by SteveLoughran
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2007 02:33:43 GMT
Hi Steve,

> == Features ==
> === Ivy ===
>  * Bundle Apache Ivy 2.0.0?
>  * modify fetch.xml to use Ivy.
>  * add support to <subant> a graph of targets, not just a list, so it can skip
all dependents of a failing build
>  * any way to integrate download and declaration of an antlib?
> === Scripting ===
>  * make <scriptcondition>, <scriptselector>, etc, more useful through : attributes
and elements, re-use
>  * resource enable script tasks, to take source from any resource
>  * more docs

It's been brought up, but not voted on yet that including one of the
scripting languages with the distribution (Rhino, BeanShell etc),
would make using <script*> tasks more appealing as there's less setup

> === Resource support ===
>  * script tasks to load scripts from named resources
>  * import task to import from a given resource
>  * junit to select lists of tests to run from resources
> this may imply we need a way to get one resource to resolve a relative link to another
resource...a new interface.
> === Testing ===
>  * implement something similar to <functionaltest> that steve uses in smartfrog
for starting smartfrog and running tests against it.
>  * allow <waitfor> to fail if it times out (<functionaltest> will need this)
> === Java 1.6 enhancements ===
>  * Read filesystem properties in the packaging tasks. How to do this in a way that is
x-platform and reliable? Add a new "useproperties" attribute to zip/zipfileset with "always",
"never", "unix", and something on untar/unzip?
>  * Selectors for selecting on system properties
>  * chmod to switch to java API? Benefits?

I'm working on (but haven't had time to finish), the secure input
console from Java6, if I can get this to work in a bwc manner (ie drop
down to normal input handler on pre Java6 VM's), then I'd like this to
go in to Ant 1.7.1

> === Internals ===
>  * add a lifecycle for datatypes?
> == User Experience ==
>  * Error messages to improve?
>  * what about the "no build.xml" message? Add something pointing at the ant docs/wiki?
>  * make the no-task found diagnostics recognise when they are loaded under maven (how?)
and warn user that they are in an unsupported configuration and that they have to set up all
dependencies in the ant plug in pom. We are already IDE-aware, after all.
>  * produce an official izpack containing Ant+core libraries.
>  * produce an official izpack containing Ant+core+apache libraries (Xalan, BSH, &C).
And JUnit?
>  * produce our own RPMs. Which would imply we support them.

if we are going to produce our own RPM, what about our own .deb?


(ps, I can't remember my credentials for the wiki - sorry for moving
this on list)

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