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From Martijn Kruithof <>
Subject [VOTE] drop java 1.2 support in ant 1.7.1 and later
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2007 19:42:29 GMT

Because the discussion is coming up again, and I would like to have a 
clear result, here an official Vote request.

Given the facts that
1) java 1.2 is EOL
2) java 1.2 is not supported by the official ant 1.7.0 delivery
3) the problems running java 1.2 on some newer versions of operating systems

I propose to drop java 1.2 support completely in ant 1.7.1 , also for 
custom builds.
If some organisation wants to stick to java 1.2, I would expect it to be 
acceptable to stick to ant 1.6.5 for such organisation.

It has to be noted that the ant 1.7.0 delivery can be built using jdk 
1.2 and also be used using jdk 1.2 in that case.

[ ] Yes drop Java 1.2 support altogether as of now
[ ] No do not drop Java 1.2 support altogether as of now


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