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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: per-task diagnostics
Date Tue, 20 Feb 2007 16:04:55 GMT
Jeffrey E Care wrote:
> I know I'm a little late to this party - I've been tied up in my new 
> assignment. Anyway, FWIW here's my opinion:
>> I've been thinking about how we could improve our diagnostics, by moving 
>> more of the diags into tasks themselves. Every task could have a 
>> diagnostics(PrintStream) method that would be called to do the diags.
> Sounds like a good idea to me; might I suggest that we add a similar 
> capability for an entire antlib (more on this below)?
>> 1. we could introspect for a public static void diagnostics(PrintStream) 
>> throws BuildException method. This would let us diagnose even if you 
>> cannot instantiate the task enough for new() to work.
> I'm a little rusty on static method overrides...if A extends B, can both A 
> and B have a static method with identical signatures? This should be easy 
> to test, but I'm feeling lazy at the moment :)

Yes, because static stuff gets set up at compile time (they are 
inherently non virtual). JUnit3 uses statics to set up test suites.

>> 2. or we'd use an interface Diagnostics that things could implement
> Intuitively this feels like a cleaner approach to me. Admittedly you need 
> an instance to work with, but we'd just need to document the fact that if 
> the constructor fails you can't get any diags; it shouldn't be too hard 
> for tasks implementing this interface to put volatile init code somewhere 
> other than the constructor.

Well that's it, you see, the diags could be more helpful

>> 3. the -diagnostics command and <diagnostics> tasks could be made to 
>> diagnose a single task
>>   ant -diagnostics -task junit
>> and maybe even a single antlib namespace
>>   ant -diagnostics -xmlns antlib:org.example.something
> Okay, so I see that you've considered the antlib case to a certain extent. 
> This has me thinking about antlib auto-discovery again. Instead of 
> requiring users to specify the task or antlib they want diags on, I think 
> it would be easier for users to add a "-fullDiagnostics" option that would 
> dump the normal "-diagnostics" info _plus_ whatever task/antlib diags it 
> could find. For that to work we would need some sort of auto-discovery 
> mechanism (which has been discussed before).

1. yes, you could do diags on a specific library. We could do it for all 
XML namespaces in scope in the doc, since that implicitly triggers some 
antlib loading.

2. we could extend every <antlib> declaration with a homepage attribute, 
and a diagnostics attr that takes a classname. These would be for 
specific things,.

> I also think we could add something similar for version information; a 
> "-fullVersion" flag could dump the normal "-version" info _plus_ version 
> info about discovered antlibs.

Yes, I'd like to know about known antlibs. Incidentally,  Ant1.7.1 lists 
all known tasks in a namespace if it doesnt find the one you asked for.


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