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From "Kevin Jackson" <>
Subject Re: Java6 possible condition HasFreeSpace
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2006 14:06:41 GMT
Hi all,

> I just use reflection for the javax.scripting stuff.
> It is not too bad - see o.a.t.a.util.ReflectUtil and ReflectWrapper.

Thanks Peter, I was considering reflection, but needed a poke to
actually use it.

Well it's all checked in (and I uncovered a minor bug in the build
file while I was at it).  Please feel free to -1 this if you feel it's
frivolous or shouldn't go in 1.7.0 etc ;)

Also if there are tabs instead of spaces (which just viewing the svn
messages in gmail looks likely), please scream loudly, I've triple
checked eclipse, but after installing java6 this morning, everything
went a bit screwy and eclipse is certainly behaving strange at the
moment, so I'm not sure which of the profiles I have is actually being
used to ant.  Java6 & Eclipse == very slow ant editor, seems as if
something broke somewhere.


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