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From <>
Subject AW: svn commit: r486471 - in /ant/core/trunk: ./ docs/ docs/manual/ xdocs/ xdocs/stylesheets/
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2006 06:43:03 GMT
>preparation for the 1.7.0 release
>Modified: ant/core/trunk/WHATSNEW

> * The -noproxy option which was in the previous 1.7 alpha and beta
>   releases has been removed. It is the default behavior and not
>+* Removed support for xalan1 completely. Users of Xalan1 for Ant
builds will
>+  have to stay at ant 1.6.5 or upgrade to xalan2.

One Xalan upper case - the other lower case?

>+* On Java1.5+, Ant automatically sets the system property
>+ to true, which gives it automatic use of
the local
>+  IE (Windows) or Gnome2 (Unix/Linux) proxy settings. This may break
any build
>+  file that somehow relied on content outside the firewall being
>+  use the -noproxy command-line option to disable this new feature.
>+  Note that the Java1.5 proxy configuration system still does not
>+  appear to work reliably on Windows or Linux.

should be removed ;)

>+* Support for the XSL:P XML parser has been removed.
>+  Bugzilla Report 23455.
>+* Visual Age for Java optional tasks removed.
>+* Testlet (test) optional task removed.
>+* Icontract optional task removed.
>+* Metamata (maudit, mmetrics, and mparse tasks) removed.

Maybe with a hint that the needed libraries are no longer available?


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