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From "Peter Reilly" <>
Subject Re: [JPackage-discuss] Fwd: Ant 1.7.0?
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2006 16:24:20 GMT
On 10/11/06, <> wrote:
> >>> Is there a pointer to documentation on how to use jpackage ant so it
> >>> can be placed in the ant manual.
> >
> >I don't think there exists documentation aside from what is in
> >ant, but we can give the current process for clarity.
> JPackage-Ant is another distribution, not maintained by Ant itself.
> All things that are done by them should IMHO be documented by them.

Ant has done this for a while, the doc does include this info
and src/script/ant has been modified to fit into jpackage since
I think ant 1.4?.

I would like to ensure that the doc we do provide is correct
and that src/script/ant is good both from a jpackage angle
and from a user that wants to install ant. At the moment,
most people do not know that the ant that is installed
in for example fedora core x, is not the same as ant from and are bemused when they install a new version of
ant from and find that this new version is ignored
by src/script/ant (/etc/ant.conf) overrides it.

> What will be next distro we should do the docu for?

jpackage is seen by a lot of linux people as the official
version of various java packages. (at least according to
the linux guru at my previous company). I would like
to ensure that the version that jpackage has is the
same (or as least the same as far as it is possible)
as the version we release.


> Jan
> >ANT_HOME is currently set in /etc/ant.conf. If a user wishes
> >to override ANT_HOME, he can set it globally there (or unset
> >it by commenting out that line). Or, he can set it locally in
> >$HOME/.antrc.
> >
> >There is an inconsistency in allowing JAVA_HOME to be
> >overridden in the environment, but I'd be more in favor of
> >removing that than adding this feature to ant as well. This
> >can be discussed.
> >
> >The current process for using /etc/ant.d is if OPT_JAR_LIST is
> >non-empty. The problem is, then, that there's no way to
> >override this feature without specifying at least one jar.
> >This seems like a small bug.
> >
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