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From <>
Subject AW: ant.file.{projectname} property
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2006 11:39:05 GMT
>I have been looking at
>and realized that the setting of ant.file.{projectname} is a 
>little stange, if an imported project does not have a project name.
>For example:
><project name="my-project">
>  <echo> is ${}</echo>
>  <import file="a.xml"/>
>  <echo> is ${}</echo> </project>
>The output is:
>     [echo] is ....\build.xml
>     [echo] is ....\a.xml
>Which is a little strange - it also makes using 
>ant.file.{projectname} useless.
>I propose to change the logic slightly in that the "nameless" 
>project will set the ant.file.null property always and not 
>just when there is no current project name.

What to do if you have multiple included projects without names?

a.xml:	<project/>
b.xml:	<project/>
c.xml:	<project name="master">
                <import file="a.xml"/>
                <import file="b.xml"/>
                <echoproperties prefix="ant.file"/>


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