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From "Dominique Devienne" <>
Subject Re: ant.file.{projectname} property
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2006 20:28:11 GMT
> I think for the moment that we should follow
> matt's idea of not setting ant.file.x if there is
> no name="" in the <project> tag. This will
> follow the principal of least suprise, and will
> obey the principal for not silently overwriting
> properties.

That's fine with me. It's a pragmatic and simple solution.

> I do not like the use of "as". <import> should be simple
> to use and should "just work".

"as" should not be required. It's necessary only when someone wants to
reference one of the imported build files' targets (or its location,
because of the other wrong decision to resolve the locations in
imported build files thru ${basedir} rather than the file's own

This is similar to using a namespace prefix for a namespace URI. The
writer of the XML decide to write his file on his own term, using
whatever prefix he chooses.

> When we implement multi file import, what should "as" be?

I don't think we should allow multi-file import. What would be the use
cases? Implementing import/include path makes much more sense.

> I do not like use of properties for things that are handled in
> C by the macro  __FILE__ : perhaps we could use a task,
> or a ${ant.current.file:} function?

Neither do I. Furthermore, you shouldn't need to know where the build
file you import comes from... --DD

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