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From "Kevin Jackson" <>
Subject MS Team System antlib?
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2006 01:55:29 GMT
Hi guys,

Last week I contacted one of the developers of Team System (the
replacement for VSS) to see if there was any interest from those guys
in having Ant support their new SCM system for 1.8+

Rather amazingly they got back in touch, and (after a warning about
how Ant is open source and they must be careful about IP issues :)),
they want to set up a telephone meeting/conference call to discuss

As I'm in Asia/Saigon and MS is Seattle/US I don't think I'd be a
useful contact person for them to have simply due to the time

Basically I got in touch to see if we could get a special deal for a
full version of Team System as the eval version expires after 30 days,
and to have the time to write an antlib I'd prefer not to be limited
to just 30 days of development/testing.

So a plea to Ant devs closer to the US timezone - can anyone take this
conference call with the Team System PM (Jim)?


Attached emails:
Thank you for contacting me Kevin.  Yes, I think we'd be very
interested in working with you to enable Ant support for TFS.  Of
course, because Ant is an open source project we need to be
particularly careful about any IP that might flow back into Microsoft
from our interaction.  We're happy to share with you anything you need
to know about TFS but we really can't have any IP flowing the other

So, in short, we'd love to help and there will be some constraints on
"how" we can help.  I've cc'd Buck (a dev lead on TFS) and Jim (one of
our PMs).  They should be able to work with you on a plan for how we
can help you.


I'm Jim Lamb, a Program Manager for Team Foundation Server. I'd be
happy to work with you on this. Why don't we start with an
introductory phone meeting to get the ball rolling? Can you let me
know what day(s) this week would work for you?


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