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From "Kevin Jackson" <>
Subject Re: OT - Maven woes
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2006 05:24:33 GMT
> On 15/09/06, Kevin Jackson <> wrote:
> > How the hell did anyone convince anyone else to use this crap?!
> Well, since you asked so nicely... :)

Thanks for taking the abuse in the (semi) light-hearted manner it was
dished out in!  Truly I didn't want to cause too much upset, but I
wanted to express that there are some major documentation problems

> > I'm truly at my wit's end regarding such a simple task, here is what I
> > currently have in my pom.xml:
> If you use ant tasks, you can only use them with other ant tasks. The
> ant properties are not fed back into the Maven build by the antrun
> plugin.
> So, you'll need to filter it into the file using your own <copy /> task.

You see I've read pretty much every doc available on the web about
maven properties and *none* mentioned that the ant properties are only
available in the antrun plugin - that may be worth adding to the FAQ.

And with the antrun plugin, ok I can get <tstamp> to generate the
value I'm after, and I can use copy/replace to filter it into the
file, but what phase/goal do I need to set so that ant will execute
before the jar file is built?  I thought process-classes as
process-resources seems to occur before compilation.

> > I know some of the maven devs lurk here (from time to time), if any of
> > them could shed some light on this.
> You'll likely get more help on users@maven.

That was my next step, but I wanted to ask here for 2 reasons:

a - I knew you lurked here and I thought I may get a faster response
(and after a week of flailing about, I need this resolved quickly)
b - the other ant devs have probably come across maven stuff in their
day jobs and they can explain stuff to me in an 'ant' way

> >
> > Do I have to write a <tstamp> plugin (mojo?) for this?
> That's another option.

Well if that's what it's going to take /rolls sleeves up/

> >
> > This has to be the second most frustrating piece of software I've
> > encountered - right after Oracle.
> Well now, that comparison is just mean! :)

Ok, I retract that bit :).  Thanks for responding to my flamebait.


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