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From <>
Subject AW: What should an Antlib distribution look like?
Date Mon, 04 Sep 2006 09:46:15 GMT
>> * I would prefer a manual with an Ant-style: with a navigation on the

>> left.  And for screenreader maybe with div-containers, not frames.
>The TODO list says
>| * make docs a little bit more accessible
>which can certainly involve "make them prettier".  But let's 
>become real, there is now way that anything I did would be 
>prettied than what we have.  Be my guest. ;-)

I was told that using div-container instead of framesets and using css
instead of tables
would improve accessibility.

But avoiding framesets means to have a need for page generation -
otherwise you'll have
multiple sources for the table of content/navigation bar.

>> What is with "infrastructure" of Ant core like
>> - check.xml
>would require some work.  Does it make sense to add it to a 

Only src-distro. 
IMHO the src-distro is a "released snapshot". It should contain all you
would get
via svn and you could start working.

>> - patch.xml
>We can expect users to have Ant around.  


>Do we want to ship patch.xml with every Antlib?

In that case - no.
But maybe a note that users could use the patch-file from Ant Core.


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