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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [GUMP@vmgump]: Project dotnet-antlib-test (in module ant-antlibs) failed
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2006 04:25:39 GMT
On Tue, 05 Sep 2006, Kev Jackson <> wrote:
>> The test passes on both Microsoft frameworks I have installed (1.1
>> and 2.0), right now my Linux box doesn't have a working Mono
>> installation.  It is on the Antlib's TODO list.
> I'm sure I read that .net 3.0 is available in beta now...

Don't let the marketing department fool you ;-)

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 the bundle formerly known as WinFX is
really just .NET 2.0 plus a bunch of additional class libraries.

The additional class libraries are

* Windows Communication Foundation (WCF): the WS-* based distributed
  software platform formerly known as Indigo which wants to replace
  .NET remoting and ASP.NET webservices

* Windows Workflow Foundation (WF): a workflow engine plus tools to
  define workflows (visually, of course).

* Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF): the Windows Forms replacement
  formerly known as Avalon.

* Windows CardSpace (no acronym): smartcard support for .NET.

And I think Windows PowerShell (formerly known as Monad), a really
cool CMD.EXE replacement, is part of it as well.

All in all I see potential for new tasks but the existing tasks only
use executables that are unchanged compared to .NET 2.0.

.NET 3.5 will come with new compilers and bring Language Integrated
Query (LINQ) to C#.


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