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From Antoine Levy-Lambert <>
Subject Ant1.7.0Beta2 released
Date Sun, 17 Sep 2006 17:24:12 GMT

Ant 1.7.0Beta2 has been released.

Ant 1.7.0Beta2 contains some bug fixes and improvements compared to
1.7.0Beta1, particularly concerning the script task.

Ant 1.7 introduces a resource framework. Some of the core ant tasks such
as <copy/> are now able to process not only file system resources but
also zip entries, tar entries, paths, ... Resource collections group
resources, and can be further combined with operators such as union and
intersection. This can be extended by custom resources and custom tasks
using resources.

Ant 1.7 starts outsourcing of optional tasks to Antlibs. The .NET antlib
in preparation will replace the .NET optional tasks which ship in Ant.
Support for the version control system Subversion will be only provided
as an antlib to be released shortly.

Ant 1.7 fixes also a large number of bugs.

Ant 1.7 has no support for Java6 features, but first tests on Java6 did
not fail.

Please refer to our web site to find the download location



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