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From "Dominique Devienne" <>
Subject Re: available searchs parent and grandparent directory for files
Date Thu, 07 Sep 2006 13:54:57 GMT
> > The available task/type searchs for files in the parent and
> > grandparent directories (but no higher) as well as the directories
> > specfied. (when type = "file"). I cannot think of any reason why
> > this is usefull behavior and think that we should change the
> > behaviour, so as to NOT search parent and grandparent directories.

This is a shock to me. Should never do that!

> Yes.  This also means the task has been doing it since Ant 1.5.
> > In the meantime, I have added an attribute to allow
> > the behavior to be controlled.

+1 too. But the default should be *false*, not *true*! See below.

> But I'm against removing the behavior completely.
> The usual backwards compatibility argument.

There I disagree. I don't think any build file relies on this
*undocumented* and *buggy* behavior. I propose that we
1) change default of new 'searchparents' attribute to FALSE.
2) add if a warnifnotfoundbutinparent (or whatever other name) which
defaults to TRUE, and then issues a warning if the file is not found,
but present in the parent/grand-parent, i.e. <available> used to
return true.

So in short, I would prefer to break-BC, but in a way that issues a
warning about this non-BC behavior. --DD

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