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From Kev Jackson <>
Subject Re: Default excludes and Subversion on Windows
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2006 05:53:00 GMT

On 15 Aug 2006, at 11:53, Conor MacNeill wrote:

> According to
> "The "_svn" hack is now officially supported: since some versions of
> ASP.NET don't allow directories beginning with dot ..."
> So I think we should add it to the default set in 1.7
> Conor

The problem with this is that I know that I name some project  
directories _<project>, so that they are always listed first in  
Windows Explorer.  So for example if I was working on the svn source  
code, I might well have a directory called _svn - I know at least one  
other person who does this so that it's easier to find the current  
working project.  Since I don't work on svn, I won't have this  
problem, but someone else may and may call a directory _svn.  Having  
said all that - the people who work on svn have blessed the _svn  
hack, so presumambly this is now standard </end rambling nonsense>

+0 for a change to defaultexcludes, I can see a potential problem,  
but it seems that the svn guys want to use this hack, so I'm  
ambivalent towards adding it.


"That government is best which governs not at all" - Henry Thoreau

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