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From <>
Subject AW: Default excludes and Subversion on Windows
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2006 11:38:57 GMT
"... the svn command line client and svnversion now treat the environment variable SVN_ASP_DOT_NET_HACK
specially on Windows. If this variable is set (to any value), they will use "_svn" instead
of ".svn". We recommend that all Subversion clients running on Windows take advantage of this
behaviour. Note that once the environment variable is set, working copies with standard ".svn"
directories will stop working, and will need to be re-checked-out to get "_svn" instead."

We could check that environment variable and if set add that default exclude (and log a statement).


>-----Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht-----
>Von: Kev Jackson [] 
>Gesendet: Dienstag, 15. August 2006 07:53
>An: Ant Developers List
>Betreff: Re: Default excludes and Subversion on Windows
>On 15 Aug 2006, at 11:53, Conor MacNeill wrote:
>> According to
>> "The "_svn" hack is now officially supported: since some versions of 
>> ASP.NET don't allow directories beginning with dot ..."
>> So I think we should add it to the default set in 1.7
>> Conor
>The problem with this is that I know that I name some project 
>directories _<project>, so that they are always listed first 
>in Windows Explorer.  So for example if I was working on the 
>svn source code, I might well have a directory called _svn - I 
>know at least one other person who does this so that it's 
>easier to find the current working project.  Since I don't 
>work on svn, I won't have this problem, but someone else may 
>and may call a directory _svn.  Having said all that - the 
>people who work on svn have blessed the _svn hack, so 
>presumambly this is now standard </end rambling nonsense>
>+0 for a change to defaultexcludes, I can see a potential problem,
>but it seems that the svn guys want to use this hack, so I'm 
>ambivalent towards adding it.
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