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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Building Ant 1.7beta
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2006 10:34:22 GMT
Jesse Glick wrote:
> Stefan Bodewig wrote:
>> Sometimes we build new features that are useful enough to apply the
>> right away in Ant's own build file.
> Obviously. But it seems to me that the convenience of the many users of 
> Ant (sources) outstrips the convenience of the few Ant developers. For 
> example, it is impossible to develop the Ant trunk in NetBeans using the 
> bundled Ant 1.6.5 unless you write a wrapper script which execs 
>, which is unpleasant. Similarly you could not use a bundled 
> Ant binary on Linux to run ant/build.xml targets (or use Bash 
> completions...).

Ant doesnt build under an IDE for me anyway, because IDEA doesnt let me 
exclude specific classes, and all those stuff in optional that dont get 
build causes problems.

I guess your goal is making it build easily in netbeans. I can see why 
that would appeal :)

> To Jan: I meant only keeping compatibility with the previous official 
> Ant release, in this case 1.6.5.
> To Kev: surely most Ant committers work on at least one other Ant-based 
> project where improvements can be seen? Or does the Apache Foundation 
> pay your rent? :-)

My main work problem is having to stay with ant1.6 for nearly everything 
I do; only one project has been on ant1.7alpha for months, because we 
needed <schemavalidate>. It hurts when I have to write tasks that work 
with ant1.6 as well as 1.7, because many of the fixes I've made to ant I 
still have to work around in my own code.

> Just wondering why an Ant release is expected to be used by many 
> thousands of Java programmers for every purpose you can think of, yet 
> it's not good enough for Ant itself which is a pretty small project. I 
> don't feel strongly about it though.

Its more that we make improvements to the build process, such as adding 
a flag to say how to act with empty jars. How can we deny ourselves the 
benefits of the new release?

Now, a bootstrap.xml that does what bootstrap.bat/.sh does and works 
with ant1.6,. that would be viable...

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