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From Mark McKay <>
Subject Building Ant 1.7beta
Date Sat, 26 Aug 2006 23:25:00 GMT

I'm having trouble building Ant 1.7.0beta, and am wondering how to 
either do it form the ant-core files on the svn repository, or if 
someone has helpfully already built them and uploaded them somewhere.

I am currently running Ant 1.6.5 with java 1.6.0_96beta.  When I try to 
build the svn source by typing 'ant' in the root directory, I get the 
error message

$ ant
Buildfile: build.xml



C:\dev\\ant-core\build.xml:587: Class
s.condition.Or doesn't support the nested "parsersupports" element.

Apparently, ant 1.7 can't be built with ant 1.6.5.  What can I do to get 
the beta build?  I'd like to use the new <apt> task.

Mark McKay

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