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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Can DefaultLogger record the time on each target transition?
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 09:18:53 GMT
Jeffrey E Care wrote:
> In addition to backwards compatibility, there are other issues to consider:
> 1) Granularity: why limit timing data to targets? why not extend it to 
> tasks as well?
> 2) Filtering: do you want timing data for every target? every task?
> and the big one....
> 3) Multithreading: as the committers on this list will tell you, I'm 
> always thinking about this one. At IBM, we use Ant + in-house antlibs to 
> build the WebSphere family of products. We're fortunate to have very 
> good hardware in our build lab, and with products as large as WebSphere 
> we're keen on making the most efficient use of it; one of the ways we do 
> that is to multithread our builds. In our initial experiments we wanted 
> to get timing data to compare against our single-threaded builds, so we 
> wrote our own custom logger (just slight changes to the default logger) 
> to print the timings. When we ran the builds, everything went haywire.
> The upshot is that we had to write our own logger from scratch to meet 
> our needs for running in a multithreaded environment. I know that most 
> people don't do this, but I don't think we should be introducing code 
> into Ant that we KNOW doesn't work in certain cases.


I'm all for logging time data, and I have switched to using the logger 
of ant1.7 that prints out when a build finished. But any change to the 
log can break things. Even adding the time of build success/failure was 
enough to break luntbuild, that was looking for a string as well as an 
exit code.

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