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From "Anuradha Weeraman" <>
Subject Ant on z/OS
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2006 07:37:54 GMT
Hi All,

I'm having what appears to be some character set related issues when
running Ant on z/OS under USS. I have tracked down the issue to the
<property environment> tag which doesn't seem to be able to pick up
environment variables and spews ASCII text when the following
IBM_JAVA_OPTIONS variable is defined:

-Dfile.encoding=ISO8859-1 -Dconsole.encoding=IBM-1047 -Xnoargsconversion

The ASCII text, when converted to EBCDIC appears to be environment
variables, so I'm guessing that Ant internally expects the environment
variables in EBCDIC (possibly from the output of /bin/env) which
somehow gets converted to ISO8859-1 due to the file.encoding
parameter, leading to its confusion.

Ant 1.5.3-1 is bundled with the version of Maven that I use, and it
requires the IBM_JAVA_OPTIONS to be set.

Has anyone experienced this before? Does anyone know if Ant is capable
of handling custom file.encoding as in this case?


PS. Apologies for cross posting, thought maybe the devs can shed some
light on the conversion aspects.

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