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From Kev Jackson <>
Subject Re: ApacheCon Asia : Antlibs presentation accepted - thoughts on content?
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2006 04:33:00 GMT
>> I was going to  cover the following in the presentation (based on an
>> article that is in the pipeline at ONJava):
>> - Why Antlibs:
>>    - easier for classpath lookups compared to taskdefs
>>    - standard way to distribute new optional components (1.7+)
>>    - decouples optional tasks from ant core
> This means you'll focus on the Antlibs provided by the Ant project.
> More than on writing your own Antlibs.  Correct?

I'm going to run through how to write an antlib too (but there'll be  
a bit of explanation/rationalising first)

> If not, you might want to add things like easy deployment and ease of
> use by the end-user (just declare a XML namespace in the build file).

Yep I'm mentioning that - it's *so* much easier than the old way

>> - Testing antlibs with AntUnit (new antlib available from
>> http://x.y.z)
> Let's say "soon available".

Ok, I'll point to the antlibs/antunit website though, and I've got  
pictures of antunit running (In Action so to speak :))

>> - Refactoring an optional taskdef into an antlib (use VSS task as
>> example)
>> Any ideas on other stuff that really should be mentioned?
> I like the trick Ant-Contrib uses.  It used to provide a properties
> file for <taskdef resource=.../> and still does.  In order to keep
> this file and the antlib descriptor in sync, the antlib.xml file uses
> the property file.  In addition the Antlib descriptor lists a few
> tasks that require Ant 1.6+ so Ant 1.5 users can use <taskdef> and Ant
> 1.6+ users use it as an antlib.

That's a nice bwc trick that I'll include near the end.

I'm also going to give a (very) brief overview of what's new in Ant 1.7
- ResourceCollections
- better Java5 support
- JUnit 4 support via JUnit task
- libraries task to download jars from Maven repo
- removed old/deprecated tasks
- ... (sorry I can't think of anything else major that's been added)

"That government is best which governs not at all" - Henry Thoreau

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