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From <>
Subject AW: ApacheCon Asia slides preview
Date Fri, 28 Jul 2006 08:59:32 GMT
Nice stuff.

* slide "Extending Ant - Custom Tasks" has too many <li>s (9) for that size
* slide "Extending Ant - Antlibs" - "automatically loaded by Ant at startup"
  When did we introduced that feature? The jar will be on the classpath, but AFAIK
  you have to declare it in your buildfile (xmlns, taskdef...)
* slide "Antlibs - Making a tla" (graphic)
  HTML error: <td> from the graphic not closed (missing right bracket)
* slide "Antlibs - Making a tla" (code)
  second code line is too long (on my machine ;-) - "nu" instead of "null);"
* slide "Antlibs - Making a tla" (buildfile)
  - highlight the xmlns:tla declaration
  - highlight the use of that namespace <tla:get> <tla:registerarchive>
  - the <project> line is too long (just cuts the last quotation mark on my machine)
  - indents not right (TAB-problems?)
    -- target-get end marker not on the right place .... mmmh .... I send the new ;-)
&lt;?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?&gt;
&lt;project name="tla-test" basedir="../../../" default="get"

  &lt;property name="repo-dir" value="tla-test"/&gt;
  &lt;target name="get"&gt;
    &lt;tla:get archive=""
                dest="${repo-dir}" /&gt;

  &lt;target name="cleanup"&gt;
    &lt;delete dir="${repo-dir}"/&gt;


* slide "Antlibs - Making a tla" (test)
  Nice shortcut to AntUnit ;-)
* slide "Antlibs - Antunit"
  AFAIK AntUnit is no longer in the sandbox - it's in the antlib subproject
* slide "Antlibs - A compatibility 'trick'"
  - define tasks working with Ant prior 1.6 in the properties file
  - define tasks which require Ant 1.6+ in the antlib.xml
* slide "Finally..."
  - the last word "antversion)" is (on my machine) on the footer line.


>-----Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht-----
>Von: Kev Jackson [] 
>Gesendet: Montag, 24. Juli 2006 07:09
>An: Ant Developers List
>Betreff: ApacheCon Asia slides preview
>Hi all,
>Here's a draft[1] of the slides I've prepared for the asian 
>apachecon.  If any of you have the time to review them and 
>offer feedback I'd be very grateful.  Bear in mind that I only 
>have until the end of this week to make any adjustments (so 
>anything significant will probably have to be ignored, I'm sorry).
>Just FYI, I'm using S5[2] to produce the slides (down with
>PowerPoint!) - it's an excellent tool and highly recommended.
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>ideal is anarchy." - Leo Tolstoy
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