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From Kev Jackson <>
Subject Re: Ant 1.7 alpha available for testing...
Date Mon, 31 Jul 2006 15:30:26 GMT
> You have something that works but will not scale. You know that,  
> don't you?

Absolutely - but then I'm being paid to implement a spec, not to  
suggest an alternative solution.  This is the way it works in the  
outsourcing/offshoring dev world - we just get a spec and have to  
implement it regardless of personal feelings or indeed technical  
merit.  When I first started in this business (offshore work) I got  
into a lot of arguments over stupid specs, it cost me a lot of  
goodwill with customers, I've learnt to bite my tongue (for the most  
part), as pissing off your clients is generally a bad idea :)

Scalability aside, the customer just wants something to work (tm) and  
considered bash to be adequate for the task - it's actually rather  
scary how much of a duct tape solution this is really, but then I'm  
enjoying hacking perl and python for a change.

> Like I said, puppet and smartfrog. I know, I work on the smartfrog  
> team and am biased, but puppet is nice too.

I suggested smartfrog when we got the project, but the customer wants  
a very small image (even adding python to the build was considered  
risky - so there's no way a JVM will get added, we can't even add  
ruby now :( ).  I haven't heard of puppet, but I'll have a look  
tomorrow and see if I can convince the customer - I don't want to re- 
invent the wheel badly if it's unnecessary!


"Man is truly free only among equally free men" - Michael Bakunin

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