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From jfuller <>
Subject Re: Ant 1.7 alpha available for testing...
Date Mon, 31 Jul 2006 09:18:33 GMT
Steve Loughran wrote:

 > That sounds like quite a rigorous process.
 > yes, cfengine and lcfg can keep your stuff in control. There's also
 > games you can play with vmware/xen hosted images, where the real CPUs 
just host the virtual machines, and those you replicate off managed 
"gold" images.

yes, this is a technique I have tried, though I have to admit being a 
bit 'fundamentally' leary about vmware/xen.

I have been burned a number of times through the testing of software in 
such virtual environments...was getting test failures due to issues with 
virtual machine; though there was little to indicate this at the 
application layer..which  led to many man hours spent trying to fix 
false positives. I got quickly tired debugging and testing the OS layer, 
rather then my application...this was a while back so maybe things have 
moved on.

 > There is also
 >  SmartFrog
 >  Puppet

yes I have yet to use smartfrog in a commercial setting, though I am a 
big fan.

didnt even know about puppet, will take a look.

 > both of these have a non-XML language to describe system 
configuration, and runtimes to bring up distributed apps. I will cover 
smartfog in the deployment chapter of Java-Dev-with-Ant (Jim, would you 
like to review that chapter?), while puppet is something I know of but 
havent used

would be an honour to review the chapter. just send it along.

 > myself. It could be better at low-level linux config, because 
smartfrog, being built on java and rmi, needs a lot more of the system 
working before it can start configuring across systems.

completely agree.

cheers, Jim Fuller

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