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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Ant 1.7 alpha available for testing...
Date Sun, 30 Jul 2006 12:04:44 GMT
jfuller wrote:
> Steve Loughran wrote:
>> jfuller wrote:
>>>> Looks good during my first checks.
>>> looks good on OSX 10.4.6, will be testing this release on a 'serious' 
>>> build server farm over the weekend (rhe4).
>> how many servers constitutes serious?
> the system consists of 6 servers, in pairs of 2 (dev/critical 
> towers)...allows client (and me) to deploy new build software (like ant) 
> easily without taking down critical build servers.
> These server pairs each cater to different groups and roles in build 
> process which spans the globe;
> Development build server pair: Is responsible for catering to a group of 
> 40+ developers worldwide, e.g. builds the software and deploys to the 
> same box they determine via svn branch/tag
> Test/Integration build server pair: Is where we have to test integration 
> with some other systems (mainframe db and some websphere specific stuff 
> that is too much of a burden on dev build server) addition run 
> functional and
> Deployment build server: selects tagged versions for build, final 
> processing with respect to security thingies and handover to deployment 
> system...which then deploy to a test farm...which in turn is where the 
> app itself is hit at speed and scale.
> I doubled up in kit, because we had the resources....and I like to keep 
> things simple when working at such scale...cfengine helps out with 
> keeping everything in sync.

That sounds like quite a rigorous process.

yes, cfengine and lcfg can keep your stuff in control. There's also 
games you can play with vmware/xen hosted images, where the real CPUs 
just host the virtual machines, and those you replicate off managed 
"gold" images.

There is also

both of these have a non-XML language to describe system configuration, 
and runtimes to bring up distributed apps. I will cover smartfog in the 
deployment chapter of Java-Dev-with-Ant (Jim, would you like to review 
that chapter?), while puppet is something I know of but havent used 
myself. It could be better at low-level linux config, because smartfrog, 
being built on java and rmi, needs a lot more of the system working 
before it can start configuring across systems.


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