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From jfuller <>
Subject Re: Ant 1.7 alpha available for testing...
Date Fri, 28 Jul 2006 10:52:33 GMT
Steve Loughran wrote:
> jfuller wrote:
>>> Looks good during my first checks.
>> looks good on OSX 10.4.6, will be testing this release on a 'serious' 
>> build server farm over the weekend (rhe4).
> how many servers constitutes serious?

the system consists of 6 servers, in pairs of 2 (dev/critical 
towers)...allows client (and me) to deploy new build software (like ant) 
easily without taking down critical build servers.

These server pairs each cater to different groups and roles in build 
process which spans the globe;

Development build server pair: Is responsible for catering to a group of 
40+ developers worldwide, e.g. builds the software and deploys to the 
same box they determine via svn branch/tag

Test/Integration build server pair: Is where we have to test integration 
with some other systems (mainframe db and some websphere specific stuff 
that is too much of a burden on dev build server) addition run 
functional and

Deployment build server: selects tagged versions for build, final 
processing with respect to security thingies and handover to deployment 
system...which then deploy to a test farm...which in turn is where the 
app itself is hit at speed and scale.

I doubled up in kit, because we had the resources....and I like to keep 
things simple when working at such scale...cfengine helps out with 
keeping everything in sync.

its serious for me! Any other build infrastructure stories welcome.

I have been testing current head of Ant for some time on dev servers; 
though wont be pushing out to critical servers for some time yet.

cheers, Jim
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Co-Creator EXSLT
Technical Reviewer WROX Beginning Databases, Beginning XSLT, XML
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