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From Kev Jackson <>
Subject Ant 1.7 alpha available for testing...
Date Thu, 27 Jul 2006 10:24:20 GMT

Fixed the download problem with some .htaccess mojo, so for your  
approval and delight:

is now hosting the latest build.

- ManifestTest fails on OSX 10.4 with Java5
I looked at this and cannot see why it's failing - the recent changes  
may have caused it, but I haven't heard anyone else complaining, so  
maybe it's only apparent on OSX?

I've only signed the tgz file itself, not the files inside - I assume  
that is the correct approach, as the script in ReleaseInstructions  
was driving me mad as I had to enter a passphrase for each file in  
the distribution directory

Please test and see if you get the ManifestTest problem - I want to  
know if it's platform specific.

"I call it the State where everyone, good or bad, is a poison- 
drinker: the State where universal slow suicide is called - life" -  
Friedrich Nietzsche

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