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From Kev Jackson <>
Subject 1.7 alpha [get-m2.xml FIXED]
Date Fri, 28 Jul 2006 02:32:34 GMT

The build.xml file wasn't updated to copy the get-m2.xml file over to  
the dist directory - I've updated the build.xml file, committed it  
and run a quick test here, so once again the 1.7 alpha release is  
ready for you to all have a once-over

If anyone notices anything else missing from the distribution, let me  
know and I'll look into it - Thanks to Matt for spotting the missing  
file so quickly - have a gold star and a pat on the back :)

The recent changes to InputRequest are included and have caused no  
problems at this end - if anyone notices a bug please let me know.   
Also need someone willing to test ManifestTest on Windows/Linux (I'll  
check out the latest code and build on Ubuntu dapper this morning),  
I'm still erring on the side of an environmental problem on OSX for  
this one though, as it seems completely strange that Martijn would  
have bothered to write a unit test, watch it fail, then still commit  
the code!  My guess is that it passed fine for Martijn and it's my  
weird Californian machine having a hissy-fit


"Man is truly free only among equally free men" - Michael Bakunin

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