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From Jesse Glick <>
Subject Re: <junit> and junit4 (long)
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2006 19:29:19 GMT
Stefan Bodewig wrote:
>> what would you drop?
> The attributes that are shortcuts for formatters, printsummary and 
> showoutput.

For what it's worth, *every time* I write a <junit> usage by hand 
(rather than copying from a prior example), I forget to specify

<formatter type="plain" usefile="false"/>

and am confused when the task quietly exits with no summary. Not sure if 
anyone else has this problem. I agree that redundant attrs should be 
removed. Perhaps there should be no formatters by default, but if you 
forget to specify any at all, you get a descriptive error message with a 
hint on how to add at least console (logged) output. (Add a "silent" 
formatter for the special case that you really want no output and just 
care about pass/fail.)

And I would make usefile="false" the default for formatters, or rather 
have an optional file param, just like other tasks do.

> And I'd remove tempdir and always use ${}.

Might be a problem for scripts run on multiuser machines. I would use 
${} as a default but permit it to be overridden, perhaps. 
IMHO no task should ever use ${basedir} as a default temp dir. People 
should not have to dump all kinds of weird entries into their .cvsignore 
files on Ant's account. If you need a non-default temp dir you can use 
e.g. ${basedir}/build or wherever you normally put generated files.


--  x22801*i%29%2B1

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