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From Wolfgang Häfelinger <>
Subject how to call macros dynamically?
Date Tue, 06 Jun 2006 13:02:26 GMT

I wonder how  to  implement a task (in Java) allowing me to execute
a macro. I tried to understand how it works looking into Ant's source
code, but I'm bit lost. Would be kind if someone could give me a
"roadmap" how to do it ..

What I'm looking for is something like ..

Assume I have a macro:

<macrodef name="x">
  <attribute name="a" default="hello" />

Then I want to be able to say

   <run-macro name="x" />

instead of 


For the beginning I'm happy to call a macro without any parameters like
shown. Even better would be to be able to provide parameters as well:

 <run-macro name="x" a="hello, world" />    <!-- utopia -->

 <run-macro name="x">
   <param name="a" value="hello, world" />

Any hints?


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