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From Wascally Wabbit <>
Subject Is there a way I can edit out-of-date external references myself?
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2006 08:10:35 GMT
Is there a way I can do this myself?

The Wabbit

--- [ SNIP ] ---

Hi all,

The AntXtras project has moved to The current website is
now available at Can someone please replace
the "JWare/AntXtras Foundation" External Tools subsection with the following
snippet when possible.

Many thanks,
The Wabbit

--- [snip] ---

<subsection name="AntXtras">
  A collection of powerful Ant extensions components organized into 
five categories: fixture-control, execution-rules, flow-control, 
feedback, and helpers.
  <table class="externals">
    <td>Ant 1.6.5</td>
    <td><a href="">AntXtras Home</a></td>
    <td><a href="">SSMC</a></td>
    <td>GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL 2.1)</td>

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