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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: using multiple properties in the 'if' and 'unless' conditions
Date Mon, 26 Jun 2006 11:17:56 GMT
Wolfgang Häfelinger wrote:
>> Which one would you prefer?  Or should we invent a new one?
> Use an existing one of course. There could also be more than one,
> just supported by a "language" attribute.
>> We do have the "clumsy" XML expression language that we built into the
>> condition task and it follows the rest of Ant's "language".
> I do not see  your point why an embedded expression language would
> not follow Ant's language terms. Perhaps you can elaborate on this
> bit further.
>> And regardless which existing language we'd chose, we'd always find 
>> users who'd find it hard to use - not all Ant users are Java 
>> developers and are able to read "a && b".
> Users who do not understand feature are not obligied to use them and
> I still  believe that users quickly get the idea what "a && b" could
> mean. After all, you also need a lot of imagniation to understand 
> what you can do with Ant, right?
> The  only  problem with "&"  is that it is an "XML" character as 
> well.

so clearly then, java booleans are not the obvious choice.
-What is the existing one you'd recommend? XPath 1.0? Perl? 
Pascal-style, Ruby-Style?
-what functions to test for. defined/undefied, true/false, equality?
-How would I be able to declare and add new functions or operators into 
the language?
-What are we going to use as a parser; the recursive descent thingy 
built in to java, or use ANTLR to generate our own from the BNF notation.
-How are we going to test the language?
-How do we roll it out to other conditional types such as fail?

I can see a conditional target as a more likely option.



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