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From Kev Jackson <>
Subject Re: Ant 1.7 release
Date Mon, 05 Jun 2006 03:04:41 GMT

On 5 Jun 2006, at 03:08, Steve Loughran wrote:

> Antoine Levy-Lambert wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am having a look at
>> We are still on the step "finding a release manager"
>> Do we have any candidates ?
> I'm tempted to do it but can't as I am three chapters out from  
> finishing the text of the book, then its all the other stuff with  
> updating it.
> not only would being the release manager add extra workload, it'd  
> lead to conflict of interest (i'd be against anything inconsistent  
> with the book text, see)

I'm starting to feel confident enough to do it except for the  
potential amount of extra work it may include (hope that nothing  
happens at work to suddenly bog me down)

> I should be able to pull some work time to help with functioanl  
> testing on odd platforms, as its interesting enough to qualify as a  
> bit of research. I have a vmware image of win98 that we could put  
> java1.2 on, and could set up on another vmware system (linux,  
> probably), luntbuild to do continuous integration on the release  
> branch. This would be an interesting exercise in the runup to release.

Having a vmware image setup for the testing would be a great  
contribution - I doubt anyone would willingly work on win98 with  
jdk1.2, so I think your vmware image is the only way that combination  
will be tested :)


"All governments are in equal measure good and evil.  The best ideal  
is anarchy." - Leo Tolstoy

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