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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Suppress RelaceProperties in Task
Date Mon, 15 May 2006 09:33:11 GMT
Stefano Marsili wrote:
> Sorry, I oversaw the fact that replaceProperties(...) is called for 
> attributes of both tasks and nested elements (it would have been 
> a strange asymmetry). I just tested it the wrong way (stupid!).
> But still, wouldn't it be nice for a Task implementor to have
> the possibility to turn off property replacement for some 
> attributes? As long as it is documented it should be ok.

makes things complex. how would we indicate it? Can't use java5 
attributes so that leaves the feared XML descriptor or a new naming 
scheme for introspection, like noExpandsSetMyAttribute

FWIW, text doesnt get expanded, and its a big source of problems as 
people (including ant developers) are always forgetting to expand them.

> AFAIK at the moment, to implement this I have to install 
> my own main PropertyHelper overriding replaceProperties(string) 
> and catch expressions I don't want to be parsed with a prefix,
> something like ":noparsing:$$xxx${${}yyy".

If you take the stuff as nested text you can bypass the expansion.

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