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From Kev Jackson <>
Subject Re: Ant 1.7 beta?
Date Wed, 26 Apr 2006 01:28:33 GMT

> Its on my todo list to do full deployment from smartfrog to the 
> various app servers, even though we tend to use jetty in-process for 
> our day to day work. Lightweight, easily configured, self-contained.
I'll have to try jetty, it's been on my list of web containers to try 
for donkey's years.

> Classic app servers were what?
> -Web front end
> -EJB hosting
> -JMS message queuing

I think that JMS may be the only part of classic j2ee that is worth 
keeping - it does have a *very* good reputation amongst the financial it 

> -maybe JMX management
> -guis to make it easier for people to get into a non-reproducible 
> configuration
Yes those guis are a pain - and people always fall into the trap of 
using the gui to configure something, so you just end up with an test 
server setup differently from the intergration server set up differently 
from the production server.

> With hibernate you get good persistence without the app server, 
> leaving only the web front end, management and the queue to deal with. 
> That's a lot lighter wait. Oh, yes, there is that SOAP stack, but my 
> own Alpine prototype does that in about 20 classes.

web front end [tomcat/jetty behind apache/lighttpd], management [shell 
scripts or perl or something], pretty much everything else can be done 
with Spring+Hibernate+FOSS libs.  SOAP was bolted on to all the 
containers years after they came out - it was never part of the original 
j2ee landscape and the servers weren't designed for it.

Anyway - at least someone else understands the pain of j2ee development :)


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