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From Antoine Levy-Lambert <>
Subject Re: Ant 1.7 beta?
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2006 12:05:43 GMT
Kev Jackson wrote:
> Hi,
> Checked the planning wiki this morning and noticed that the release
> schedule for the first beta of 1.7 is set at May/June this year.
> Since this is rapidly approaching, what are the thoughts on
> a: timing,
each release requires a vote. A vote is open one week. but the next
issues are more important
> b: fixes/features that still need to go in before release
the wiki says this :


      Fix for key IDE bugs (see eclipse, netbeans bugzillas) [all]


      <classloader> to allow adding of jars to the current classloader
      (would solve a /lot/ of problems at the cost of some
      issues)[peter] (status RE "some issues" risk? -MJB)


      Junit 4 integration to a level that Ant-dev and junit are happy.

Who can take care of what here ? Which are the key IDE bugs ?
> c: anything else
I see issues/questions/improvement points concerning the release process

Some points spring to my mind :

- signing of zips, tgzs, ...
I did this manually for 1.6.x. Stefan Bodewig had informed us of the
development of the openpgp module of jakarta commons [2].
We should check if this works for us and somehow bundle this in the build.

- release instructions
the release instructions need to be updated for subversion. I never
created branches in subversion ...

- branches
we will need to decide if we will want to branch ant, and if yes when.
Experience from the 1.6 time showed that during a long time we did
double maintenance of 1.6 branch and HEAD.
We might want to delay the creation of a 1.7 branch until there is a say
at least 1.7.1 ...

- antlibs
do we want to release antunit, dotnet and svn antlibs at the same time ?
or parallel ?
Should each antlib be in principle like an independent project and have
its own release instructions ?

- dependencies of ant
we have removed from the build 4 external jars which were not to be
found anymore anywhere. Still, gathering the dependencies is a problem
for the release manager.
For instance to get the weblogic.jar I downloaded an eval version of
weblogic. (Lengthy process involving registration ...).

> Kev
[1] [WWW]

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