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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Additional SourceSafe (VSS) Tasks - Any Comments?
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2006 09:46:05 GMT
Kev Jackson wrote:
> Kevin Jackson wrote:
>>> Standard Ant contains a number of VSS tasks and I'm writing a couple
>>> more for my own use (tasks relating to file / project properties, such
>>> as shared versions). My questions are: should I submit these tasks for
>>> possible inclusion in the standard Ant distribution? And if so, do you
>>> have any advice on  the best way to do that? I've read the "Task Design
>>> Guidelines", by the way.
>> Anybody have a problem with splitting VSS off into an antlib so that
>> people with VSS can easily add tasks etc?  I recall that there are
>> also a couple of bugs listed (enhancements and patches) for VSS, but
>> without anyone willing to test them, they aren't going to be worked
>> on.  I see an antlib being useful here, but would like to know what
>> other people think.
> I've knocked together an antlib for vss against 1.7 trunk.
> I still need to write the testcases (JUnit + xml files), but is there 
> any interest in this approach so that the VSS users can add commands / 
> support VSS outside of the dev cycle for Ant proper?
> We do have quite a few outstanding issues for VSS and very few (if any) 
> of the committer team have access on a regular basis to a VSS install

I used to, but then discovered how drastically it can get corrupted, and 
stopped. I dont even have a or vss client installed on a laptop 
or vmware image right now.

> Having spent the past hour or so getting VSS to acknowledge Ant 
> interacting with it (or indeed even the MS supplied command line tools), 
> I'm in favour of pushing all of this code off into an ant lib which the 
> users can manage by themselves!


> FYI, I'd be willing to put in the initial effort to deliver an antlib if 
> the rest of you thought it was worthwhile - indeed it's mostly there 
> already, and I'd be willing to incorporate additional code into this 
> antlib - *for the next two weeks while I have access to VSS*

Tests are interesting. What could be done is a precreated vss database 
that could be used as a starting place, but to run the tests you'd still 
need a VSS client, which is actually hideously overpriced (can you say 
hundreds of dollars?).  Maybe the new freebie express tools 
bundle a free vss client though...

Now, if we have tests for VSS then maybe I could build up a vmware image 
which could be used to intermittently host test runs. I was thinking of 
building up windows 2003 and windows vista images, though for the latter 
I'm holding off till a slightly better build comes out than last 
month's; it takes so long to install Vista I'm not that motivated to 
waste the time just yet.


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