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From Kev Jackson <>
Subject Re: removal of classes depending upon dead third party libraries
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2006 03:06:47 GMT
Martijn Kruithof wrote:

> I think we should consult the user list first (so far no reactions on 
> a open question regarding icontract though).
> Martijn
> Antoine Levy-Lambert wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I think of starting a vote soon (or maybe better 4 votes) on the removal
>> of the classes depending upon xslp, icontract, vaj, testlet.
>> Remarks, critics and suggestions about :
>> - whether this should happen at all,
>> - in terms of bylaws, would such a vote be considered a code change with
>> lazy approval/lazy consensus, or like adoption of a new codebase meaning
>> requiring 2/3 majority ?
>> - how to word the vote emails,
>> - ...
>> are welcome.
I think that we should be careful as there might be a few old build 
files that still use these *extremely* dated tools (vaj was superseded 
by eclipse based tools over 6 years ago - wow, I'm old enough to 
remember vaj erk!)

Since the jars aren't available for some of the classes, that limits the 
number of new users, but we have no idea of how many old users are 
reliant on these tools.  Basically I'm scared of a compatibility problem 
down the line.  Still if users are dependent on these older jars, they 
probably won't upgrade Ant to the very latest


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