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From Martijn Kruithof <>
Subject Re: removal of classes depending upon dead third party libraries
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2006 18:12:05 GMT
I think we should consult the user list first (so far no reactions on a 
open question regarding icontract though).


Antoine Levy-Lambert wrote:

>I think of starting a vote soon (or maybe better 4 votes) on the removal
>of the classes depending upon xslp, icontract, vaj, testlet.
>Remarks, critics and suggestions about :
>- whether this should happen at all,
>- in terms of bylaws, would such a vote be considered a code change with
>lazy approval/lazy consensus, or like adoption of a new codebase meaning
>requiring 2/3 majority ?
>- how to word the vote emails,
>- ...
>are welcome.
>see this page [1] for the list of the dependencies of Ant 1.6.5
>xslp : is a library containing an XML transformation engine, the site
>where this transformation engine could be downloaded from no longer exists.
>XSL:P : used to live at  <>, but the
>link doesn't work any longer and we are not aware of a replacement site.
>icontract :
>see the documentation of the optional task  icontract [3]. The link  [4]
>contained in this page is dead.
>vaj :
>see this document : [5]
>I believe that IBM has replaced Visual Age for Java with WSAD since a
>long time.
>see this document : [6]
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