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From Jesse Glick <>
Subject Re: Junut4
Date Fri, 03 Mar 2006 19:20:14 GMT
Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> putting even more modifications into the current task (adding a new
> JUnitResultFormatter subclass for ignored tests, for example) will
> make it even more convoluted than it currently is.

Of course. The question is how this additional complexity balances 
against the duplication of code and resulting maintenance problems if we 
have two tasks. Although there are clearly semantic differences between 
3 and 4, there are also many similarities that can be implemented in one 
place in one task vs. two places in two tasks; forking isn't free.

Any other takes on this? I could try to draft a standalone <junit4> if 
there is general agreement that that is the way to go. I guess that 
would be in

or something?

>> I do think that whatever form the support takes, it should be in the
>> standard Ant distro.
> The drawback here is that it is tied to Ant's release schedule.  It
> will take months for your latest cahnges to become available to a
> wider audience.  A separate Ant library would allow a much shorter
> release cycle.

True indeed, although you lose the benefit of ubiquity. Means people 
effectively have to ship the <junit4> antlib with their projects in 
order to ensure that it is available. I guess this is a more general 
trade-off. The twist in this case is that we are dealing with an upgrade 
to a library for which we already provide support in the Ant distro; no 
clear precedent for that, beyond the customary support for tools in new 
JDK releases.

>> 6. Sorting of tests (e.g. by last fail time) - not clear to me if
>> this is something an Ant task should address.
> Is this something JUnit4 offers or something that users would like to
> see?

Looking more closely, I think it is just something offered by the new 
API, in Request.sortWith. (In 3 this is not available since new 
TestSuite(Class) just enumerates all test methods in declaration order.) 
The task does not need to make use of it to be compliant.


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