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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Junut4
Date Thu, 02 Mar 2006 11:46:29 GMT
Kev Jackson wrote:
>> +1 for a separate task, packaged in an Ant library.  This one could be
>> release before Ant 1.7.0 which would give people using JUnit4 more
>> support sooner.
>> Personally I'd even prefer the JUnit team to provide that Ant library
>> so they have to keep up with their API changes themselves 8-)
> That would certainly be optimal.  (+1 for seperate task)
> With this addition to Ant 1.7 code base, we now have code that relies on 
> jdk1.5 to build correctly (or will it build on <1.4?). 

We already do, in the <isReachable> component, but I think it reflects.

I just got "inconvenienced" at work by compareTo suddenly becoming 
generic, there is a risk that code compiled on java1.5 that uses, say 
Long.compareTo() wont work on java1.4, where the argument is an Object 
not a Long. There was a fair bit of casting needed to keep 
Long.compareTo() to take an object without a complaint.

> If this is the 
> case, is there perhaps a case for moving some of the codebase forward 
> from pre 1.2?  I know that these changes are only in one of the tasks 
> (and an optional one at that), but I think it's time to look at 
> deprecating 1.1.8 support and at least move the core up to 1.2 standard 
> (with Collections etc).

There is no need to run on Java1.1, as long as we can cross compile; 
nothing to stop you using collections. Its just the effort of patching 
things and of increasing the difference between SVN_HEAD and the 
shipping branch that has made people reluctant.


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