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From Kev Jackson <>
Subject SQL task testing and gump
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2006 02:17:25 GMT
Hi all,

Given the recent sql task bugs and realization that the tests are awol, 
which databases could possibly be supported by Gump for testing?

I'd imagine that there are both license and technical issues to deal 
with regarding deploying multiple databases to test SQL task against 
them.  Could we at least have a default database configured as a testbed 
for functional testing (although the line between unit and functional 
tests blurs when dealing with sql in general)?  My suggestion would be 
eaither HSQL or Derby (since it's an apache project).

Problems with HSQL are the fact that it's in memory, so it may not be 
representative of the databases that <sql> will generally be used with.  
Last time I tried Derby, it required a client download from IBM - this 
instantly made me fairly annoyed, and I'm not sure about the license of 
the client, but it certainly dampened my enthusiasm for the project.

Other obvious candidate databases would be any O/S one (Postgresql, 
firebird, Ingress) MySQL has a weird license that causes some people to 
steer well clear - although it's supposed to be GPL.  Oracle as it's 
probably one of the most 'popular' (read most deployed, not most liked 
by developers).  All of these though will cause a burden on the build 
machines, just to test the <sql> task.

So, I think there are two ways of testing this:
1 - simple test against low end system (HSQL), which will only verify 
basic functionality - 'do the simplest thing that could possibly work'
2 - start from scratch with a new version of the sql task, refactoring 
out the db specific parts and providing a basic functionality only, 
letting someone else maintain the db specific parts (maintaining and 
testing a task that must support 5+ database engines is going to be very 
hard) - break BWC or have an 'old' sql and a 'new' sql

I personally think that working out what to test and how to test and 
what the dependencies are will be a challenge in itself.


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