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From Ken Gentle <>
Subject Re: XmlProperty and property expansion
Date Mon, 21 Nov 2005 19:48:02 GMT
You're scaring me, Steve - I'm working on a complex build right now 
that is heavily dependent on this behavior.

In a build file fragment:

   <!-- Library Properties -->
   <xmlproperty file="${lib.dir}/lib-properties.xml"

Then in ${lib.dir}/lib-properties.xml:

   <!-- Core Dependencies (Logging, etc) - Tools need'em too! -->
     <version value="1.0.3"/>
     <dir location="${common.lib.dist.dir}"/>
     <subdir value=""/>
     <dist.dir location="${commons-logging.dir}/${commons-logging.subdir}"/>
     < value="commons-logging-${commons-logging.version}.jar"/>
     <jar location="${commons-logging.dist.dir}/${}"/>
     <available classname="org.apache.commons.logging.Log"/>
   <!-- More lib definitions... -- >

Works like a charm in 1.6.2.  Note that "common.lib.dist.dir" is 
externally defined (in yet another XML properties file with 
environmental properties in it).

Did I misunderstand your question?

At 09:34 2005-11-21, you wrote:

>Why doesnt <xmlProperty> expand inline properties?
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