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From Kev Jackson <>
Subject Re: AntUnit
Date Mon, 07 Nov 2005 02:50:58 GMT

> I think the using / maintaining by ourselves is more of a chicken and 
> egg problem
> - We do not really need it for our "outside ant" activities
> - We cannot really use it for our "inside ant" activities as it is in 
> the sandbox.
> - We do not maintain it as we do not use it, and it is in the sandbox.
> I am in favour of
> 1) moving antunit part of the core
> 2) start using this testing strategy by the tests of core.
> We sould only do 1 if we want to do 2 (and I think we want to do 2)
> And we should only do 2 after we have done 1.
> If we start doing 2 I am sure there will be enough committers.

If there's a consensus on actually using antunit to test ant, then it 
would have to be moved out of the Sandbox.  I haven't really looked at 
antunit enough to see why it's more appropriate than junit for writing 
ant tests, but because of the name, I'm assuming that it is!  As it is 
designed as a testing compliment to Ant, I would think that it should be 
promoted out of the sandbox as soon as possible and that the 'official' 
testing strategy of Ant would be to use the antunit functionality.

I think a vote is in order as I doubt people will move towards writing 
antunit tests without at least a little comfort that their effort won't 
go down the pipes with antunit being dropped as it stayed in the sandbox 
too long.



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