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From Kev Jackson <>
Subject Re: XmlProperty
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2005 05:16:25 GMT

>Something I've been meaning to propose for two years but never had the
>time to fully think through.  Allow each task to take input in form of
>a ResourceCollection and to declare its output as a ResourceCollection
>as well.
>Using this, provide a <pipe> task that chains the output of task n to
>the input of task n+1, something like
>  <javac .../>
>  <jar .../>
This is sweet!

>where jar would update an archive with the output of the javac task
>(no idea whether this is useful).
>More interesting, make targets have input and output - the input is
>passed to the first task, the output provided by the last task in the
>target.  Extend this to a whole project as well.
>With this, <ant buildfile="projectA.xml"/> would provide the build
>artifacts of projectA as outputs.  Let's say projectA creates a jar
>that my current project depends on, then I can add the <ant> task's
>output to a path to use it in <classpath> settings, or I can copy it
>My main goal here is to make projects less strongly coupled, I only
>need to know that I need the jar created by projectA, I don't need to
>know where it ends up or how it is called.
Should also completely prevent problems due to filesystems/locations of 
files - it sounds great, but also a lot of work ;)

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